How to Customize your Dodge Challenger

As amazing as the Dodge Challenger already is, there is always a way to make it better and more suited to your needs. With many innovative and powerful Dodge parts available in the market, if you want to upgrade your car, here are some ideas:

Brake Pads
rake pads can help you make your car’s braking more efficient. They are also easier to clean if you choose ceramic pads over the pre-installed factory ones. You can pick one from Mopar and have your Challenger brake more smoothly.

Cat-back Exhaust
This is a great addition to a muscle car. Even though the Challenger’s stock exhaust is pretty good, you can still improve the OEM unit in weight, sound, and flow with a cat-back exhaust.

Lowering Springs
A set of lowering springs can enhance the Challenger’s handling and lower the ride by approximately 21mm in the rear and front. Many car owners have found the Challenger’s height too high in the rear. Lowering springs can easily solve this problem.

Your car’s thermostat and throttle work better with a tune. You can pick between three tuners for your Dodge Challenger from Mopar, the Predator 2, the Trinity, and the Intune 13. With these tuners, you can also customize your car’s fuel-air moisture, cooling fans, and throttle response.

Throttle Body
One of the best ways to enhance a car’s engine is by altering the way it breathes. While exhaust parts can boost the engine’s performance, a throttle body can give the best results. A throttle body is also the most affordable option than choosing to install a performance camshaft. Throttle bodies of up to 80mm are ideal for the breathing requirements of a Challenger’s engine.

Modifying your Dodge Challenger in ways that you like can ensure better performance and longer life. But it is also essential to pick authentic Dodge parts from an original Dodge dealer.

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Source: Dodge