Qualities That Set RAM Trucks Apart from GM and Ford Trucks

RAM trucks, more commonly referred to as just RAM, are certainly one of a kind. These trucks have been at the forefront of the pick-up truck race for several years. Being a product of Dodge, they have gained immense popularity for their incredible designs, excellent power, and driver-centric details.

What makes RAM trucks different?

Ram trucks are known for their unique wide stance that offers a higher degree of masculinity and ruggedness to the vehicle. RAM truck designs are distinctive and can be spotted from a mile away. 

When you consider a model like the RAM light-duty 1500, its design is clearly reminiscent of the glorious muscle car days of the late 1960s and early 1970s. The unique forward-canted headlamps and stylish grille are delightful to look at too.

For the longest time, RAM has offered patrons with a turbodiesel engine option, which could not be found in other trucks. This showcases the expertise the makers have with regards to offering superior power and performance in the diesel category. 

The engines developed by RAM also offer excellent fuel efficiency. This means that you can benefit from more savings, especially if you are opting for this vehicle as your go-to on long road trips. 

If we compare the new RAM HD to its other contemporary – the Ford 2020 Super Duty, we notice quite a few striking features that definitely stand out. For starters, the car is designed in such a way that it offers a more aerodynamic presence on the road. 

As for the interiors, RAM trucks have always showcase exceptional finesse when choosing the required features. They are fitted with high-quality materials, with an unmatched level of detail across all its models. 

With regard to technology, RAM has always trumped competitors like Ford and GM. The RAM HD model comes with a 115-volt charger in the front, three USB ports, and two USB-C ports, once again leading the way in device charging. Other RAM trucks come with excellent technical features, which surely comes as an advantage given the affordable price points.

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Source: JT's CDJR