How Often Should You Do Tire Rotation and Balance?

Tires; they’re the parts of a car that are exposed to roads the most, and yet, many car owners tend to ignore them. If you don’t pay attention to your car’s tires, you’ll invariably have to spend a lot of money on repairs and replacements. Two of the things that you should do to ensure the prevention of uneven wear and tear of tires are tire rotation and balancing.

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Tire rotation: what it is and why you need it

Rotating tires means shifting the existing positions of the tires. For example, the tires and wheels at the front are shifted to the rear and vice versa. Lug nuts are the tools that are used for carrying out tire rotations. Before every tire rotation, it’s important that you check your car owners manual to see how it recommends rotating tires, including your spare tire, when in use.

Be it front or rear tire rotation, it is an important process for maintaining even tread wear. The result of not taking tire rotation seriously can result in uneven tread patterns, which typically go on to reduce tires’ lifespans. Tires that are rotated when required give drivers better handling. Be sure to check your car owners manual for detailed instructions on tire rotation patterns. For example, one of the instructions for a rear-wheel-drive car is to keep the dual rear tires on the same sides once rotated.

Tire balancing; what it is and why you need it

Another service that is recommended for maintaining even tread wear is tire balancing. Through tire balancing, it is ensured that no one or two tires are having to bear the brunt of the vehicle’s weight disproportionately. Tread depth is affected significantly if tire balancing is not performed after every 12,000 miles on average.

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