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RAM Trucks Towing

1500 vs. 2500 vs. 3500 RAM Trucks Towing | JT's CJDR

The legendary RAM trucks, available here at JT's CJDR, are known for their towing capacity and high-quality performance. Stop by today at JT's CJDR in Lexington, SC, and discover why these RAM trucks are truly one of a kind. Ram classifies three different types of towing categories on their RAM trucks. First, the Light Duty. These trucks are your standard RAM 1500 model trucks, capable of handling up to an 1,800 maximum payload and being able to tow up to just over 10,000lbs (depending on which model is chosen.) These Light Duty trucks are the perfect companion for towing your boat, ATV, or trailers for your next outing on the lake, or hunting spot, or if you are taking a trailer full of light gear to the job site. To test drive any of our RAM 1500’s, stop by JT's CJDR in Lexington, SC!

Ram’s Heavy Duty line, their RAM 2500’s are considered their Heavy Duty line of towing in their line of trucks. These RAM 2500’s are able to handle a maximum payload of up to 3,890 and are able to tow up to around 17,000 lbs (depending on which model you choose). The 2500 models are perfect for towing your horses from your ranch to a show, or anywhere you would need to transport them, and for traveling with your RV across the country on your next extended vacation. To test drive a RAM 2500, give one of our sales reps a call and feel the power in these RAM 2500s.

Finally, RAM’s Chassis Cab 3500 model trucks round out the line. These trucks are able of handling a whopping 12,480 payload and can tow an astronomical 30,600 lbs. These 3500’s can handle just about any up-fit you choose to give it, making it the best option for a heavy-duty work truck and for hauling construction equipment, or just about anything else you could choose to tow behind this beast. Choose for yourself which is the right fit for your job, lifestyle, and budget, and stop by JT's CJDR in Lexington, SC today to test drive any of these RAM trucks.

RAM Trucks Towing

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