2020 Grand Cherokee Safety Features

The upgraded version of the Grand Cherokee came into the automobile market earlier on in 2020. With this upgrade, there have been a host of extra features included in the Cherokee that we’ve never seen before. 

The biggest addition in terms of its capabilities would be the large number of safety-oriented innovations that the manufacturer incorporated in the 2020 iteration of the Cherokee. Here is a detailed look at these brand-new safety features:

  1. Confident Crash Protection – One of the newest in-house safety features of Jeep, this software protects all passengers of the car from a sudden accident. The body of the Cherokee is reinforced with a highly durable steel frame, specially engineered to absorb the largest part of an impact. 
  2. Blind Sport Monitoring – It helps you keep track of any vehicle passing through any of your blind spots. Mainly offers assistance in situations such as parking or changing lanes. 
  3. Rear Cross Path Detection – Maintains a lookout on any other car crossing your rear when you are backing out of a parking spot. 
  4. ParkSense Rear Assist with Stop – This feature has four sensors located on the rear of your Cherokee, which helps detect if you are getting too close to an obstacle. If it senses a threat, the software displays an immediate warning sign on your dashboard. 
  5. Parallel and  Perpendicular Assist with Full Stop – The feature automatically detects an open parking space and steers your vehicle towards an appropriate parking position. It also extends reliable aid by controlling the brake and accelerator. 
  6. Full-Speed Forward Collision Warning with Active Braking – This feature detects if your car is approaching another vehicle at a dangerously high speed. An alert sign is displayed on the dashboard, along with a warning chime to grab the driver’s attention. 
  7. Electronic Stability Control – Uses a group of sensors to warn the driver when he/she is leaving the recommended path of movement, over-steering, or under-steering. 

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Source: Jeep