Summer Teen Driving Tips

Summer Teen Driving Tips

During the summer, more teens spend more time behind the wheel. But youngsters who are just learning to drive or still full of the carefree attitude of the youth can be irresponsible when driving. Not following road safety guidelines and distractions could lead to serious accidents and even fatalities. Here are a few road safety tips to make driving safer for teens during the summer.

Safer Car
The cars these days come loaded with safety features, from lane assist to rearview cameras and even collision sensors. If your teen is getting their first car for the summer, choose one that has adequate safety features. Sometimes, all it takes is an airbag to prevent serious injury.

Regular Maintenance
Sit your teen down and give some teen driving tips about car maintenance. Remind them to check the oil, tire pressure, and so on. Also, let them know the importance of regular maintenance. A car is in good condition is a lot safer on the road and less prone to breakdowns, skidding, flats, and so on. 

Wear Seatbelts
Hopefully, your teens already do this as a habit, but with driving their own car or driving around with their friends, they can forget. Constantly stress that wearing a seatbelt is mandatory and that it can save lives. When your teen first drives, get in the car with them a few times and make sure they are strapping in without too much thought.

Don’t Text
Don’t text, don’t make a call, don’t check social media, don’t even look at your phone. Parents have to show some tough love with this one because being distracted when driving is very dangerous. Not only is a distracted teen behind the wheel endangering themselves but also poses a threat to others on the road as well. Constantly remind your teen not to use their phone while they are driving; it’s an absolute no.

Road safety is something that everybody needs to take seriously. Parents need to make sure that their teens are ready to handle taking a car out before they allow them to drive.