Certified Pre-Owned

Certified Pre-Owned

If you would like to buy a pre-owned car, then you should consider a CPO or a certified pre-owned car. That single word, certified, makes a world of difference to what you will buy, and it is definitely worth getting a vehicle that has earned certification. Let us breakdown why a CPO differs from a regular used car and why it’s the better option for you.

For a pre-owned car to have certification, it has to go through a full inspection. The engine, body, and parts go through quality control to make sure that the car is in excellent condition to be out on the roads. Pre-owned cars that do not have a certification cannot give you this guarantee.

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles go through a refurbishing process. Battery testing, repairing or replacing old/damaged parts to assure they're in working order.  Additional work performed such as the engine, brake pads, and tires are all examined if needed.  

Extended warranty
Pre-owned cars do not have any warranty, but a CPO car comes with at least a one-year warranty and the possibility of an extended warranty as well.

Vehicle History
In order for a vehicle to identify as CPO, they also take the history of the vehicle into account. When purchasing a CPO car, you will know about any major accidents or other notable occurrences that have occurred with the vehicle.

Special Financing
When buying a CPO car, you can get a loan with a relatively lower interest rate than if you were buying a new car or a non-certified car. Check with the dealer about special financing deals for CPO cars.

The dealer does the certification of used cars using specifications provided by the automaker. Sometimes, the dealer itself certifies the car.

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