Learn About 2020 Model Year Safety And Technology Terms


Learn About 2020 Model Year Safety And Technology Terms

There are several automobile companies that are focused on providing the best in safety and technology. As a consumer, you might have come across certain terminologies but may find it difficult to understand what exactly they mean. Here is a list of a few 2020 Model Year safety and technology terms and what they mean.

Adaptive cruise control (ACC) Adaptive cruise control uses an intelligent navigation monitoring system to maintain the right pace on the road. This technology automatically adjusts the speed of your vehicle so that you keep an appropriate distance from other vehicles on the road. The software may use a radar or camera sensor that detects the movements of other drivers in your lane.

Anti-lock braking system (ABS)
The anti-lock braking system is found in a majority of cars today. While driving, a number of circumstances can cause the driver to apply brakes heavily. In such situations, ABS technology prevents the wheels from locking up and skidding. ABS mitigates the excessive force on the wheels and allows the driver to preserve steering control in such situations.

Electronic brake-force distribution (EBD)
The electronic brake-force distribution goes a step ahead from the anti-lock braking system. Here, the car is able to monitor the exact amount of pressure applied to each wheel when braking. Usually, the front wheels carry more weight to propel the vehicle forward. EBD distributes more power to the front wheels and lesser force to the rear so that both sets work together optimally and prevent skidding during heavy braking.

Automatic headlamps
While driving on dark roads and highways, the driver needs headlights to see the path ahead but is often worried about blinding an approaching driver with harsh brightness levels. Intelligent automatic headlamps detect the course of the driver and adjust the high beams when another vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction.

Dual-zone automatic climate control
With this technology, the driver and passengers can maintain variable temperatures at the front and rear of the vehicle. The 2020 Model Year in Lexington, SC has, therefore, come out with a range of breathtaking innovations that help the driver with top-notch capabilities.

Source: Jeep